Home Remodeling Cost Estimate

From our estimate page you’ll complete and submit a contact form providing your name, address, phone number, email address and a description of the work needed. We’ll create a detailed home remodeling cost estimate based on the information submitted to us via the form’s email. Before you fill out the form though, let us explain the information you’ll need to provide in the work description, its importance and how we’ll use it. This page also describes what you’ll get back from us in your home remodeling cost estimate.


Plan Your Work

Home Remodeling Cost Estimate


The specificity of your work plan determines the accuracy of the home remodeling cost estimate you will receive. While you may have a vague idea of what you want to accomplish, before requesting an estimate, you need to flesh this out. This could mean meeting with an architect or interior designer to develop your design and procure written plans. These professionals will help develop a detailed project outline for you which includes items such as:


  •  the number of walls to knock out or move,
  •  which walls to move or construct,
  •  door and window placement,
  •  material selections,
  •  appliance placement.


The bottom line is that the more detail you provide in the request for an estimate, the more accurate a home remodeling cost estimate we can provide. Take a look at our Home Remodeling Services page to get a better idea of the breadth and scope of work we can accomplish. We develop our estimate based on your scope of work, so it is important for us to understand your exact needs before starting any project or providing an estimate. Whether you are interested in interior remodeling or exterior remodeling, we can help.


Types of Home Remodeling Cost Estimates


An estimate and bid are two different items. You’ll get an estimate first. Two main types of estimates exist in the construction industry. This includes generic category sum pricing estimates and line item pricing estimates. The generic category sum pricing uses generic categories like “Kitchen Demolition” or “Appliances” or “Lighting” and a lump sum price for the category which includes only labor. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to price the materials.


The line item pricing uses specific line items that break each project section out into pieces. For example, under “Lighting” the line item estimate might include items such as overhead light fixture, ceiling fan, range light, track lighting, and pantry light with a specific cost for the work to install each. In a separate materials section, each line item would appear with the cost of the materials for it. The materials section will include whether the estimate is based upon builder grade or custom grade materials, if the homeowner has specified which they prefer. Otherwise, the estimate normally defaults to builder grade materials.


Other Items in the Home Remodeling Cost Estimate


We include multiple methods of contact information in our home remodeling cost estimates. We want to make it easy for you to get in touch with us.


You’ll also spot your own contact information. That’s because every estimate we create is customized for that specific customer. Your project differs from your neighbor’s; so will your estimate.


Based on your work request, the home remodeling cost estimate we prepare will include a project summary and work plan. It provides a roadmap for the work and ensures we understood the needs you communicated in your work request. If you want to add to it or you notice something we did not understand, this provides ample opportunity for you to correct it.


We include our payment specifications in our estimate. This includes our payment policies, schedule and procedures for materials payment.


We’ll include the cost of any testing to determine the presence of asbestos or lead in your home. If these toxic materials are detected, you’ll need to have them removed by a professional before the remodeling work can begin.


The home remodeling cost estimate also discusses all permits required. It also talks about the necessary inspections after the work is completed.


Finally, we include our guarantee of work satisfaction. We also include insurance information.


Request Your Home Remodeling Cost Estimate


Once you’ve developed your work description, complete our estimate form. We’ll get back to you quickly with a detailed home remodeling cot estimate that provides you a clear idea of what to expect. Fill out the form today and get started on the journey to your newly remodeled home.