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Vermont Remodeling offers a vast array of services to improve your home, including little details that make a house a home. The detail work of your home refers to crown molding, flooring, tiling, backsplashes, wainscoting, cabinets and countertops. It also covers the basic work that makes a home – the insulation, sheetrock and painting. Let our home interior remodeling contractors help.


Home Remodeling Detail Work


Detail Work | Home Remodeling

If you want to remodel your home without radical changes, try millwork or new flooring. A backsplash can make your kitchen look new while costing only a tiny amount. Replacing cabinets or countertops results in a seemingly new kitchen without a huge investment. Maybe you just want to lower electric bills by adding insulation inside walls. We can help demo the existing sheetrock, install new insulation and recover and paint your walls.


  • Crown Molding


Detail work provides an easy, simple way to update your home. Adding crown molding can result in a more finished look that adds to the home’s charm. This type of molding came about in the Renaissance period, using ornamental cornices of plaster and wood beautify and hide ceiling and wall junctures.


  • Wainscoting


Wainscoting adds dimension and interest to a wall. Integrating wainscoting into a room’s walls provides an upscale look without a great deal of expense. We can achieve the expensive look of custom millwork by layering stock lumber and moldings, then painting it all to match. Your living room or dining room can look like you had an architect create a custom design. Of course, the architects we work with can also create a custom design if you would prefer.


  • Flooring


A new floor can mean hardwood or tile. You could give your home a country or cabin look with deep, rich hardwood floors or you could achieve a contemporary look with tile. Try a collection of small tiles in a mosaic design that represents your favorite flower, tree or the ocean. Flooring does not have to be boring.


  • Kitchen Remodeling


A kitchen backsplash can provide a focal point to draw the eye when one enters the room. Since it’s comprised of tile, it makes cleanup after cooking easier. Tile wipes clean while sheetrock easily absorbs stains and moisture unless it is grade purple board which is specifically designed for the warm, moist environments of bathrooms and kitchens. This can change the look of your kitchen while costing little. For a bigger change that can add storage or create new workspace, we can help you put in new cabinets and countertops.


Some people think of remodeling their kitchen as an all-out, arduous experience. It does not have to be. It can be fun and enjoyable. Items like a backsplash do not take long to install and you can use your kitchen that night. Larger items like replacing cabinets and countertops require extended work periods. Don’t fret, we can have usually it done for you in under a week.


Your Vermont Home Detail Work Contractors


There are a plethora of ways to make your home sparkle and improve your resale value. Kitchen remodels, even those that just replace the cabinets or counters, raise your home value. Whatever detail work you want, we can help. Contact Vermont Remodeling today to get started on remodeling your home.


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