Home Remodeling Services

We service a variety of home remodeling, renovation and repair needs. Our diverse service offerings allow you a one-stop shopping opportunity for all of your home improvement needs. Vermont Remodeling offers six major home remodeling services categories:

Home Remodeling Services


Interior Home Remodeling Services


Vermont Remodeling handles all manner of interior repairs, large and small. While we work on every room of the home, we specialize in kitchen renovations and remodels, bathroom renovations and remodels, attic conversions and building additions to homes. We can help you remake any room of your home or simply add amenities to it like built-in bookcases, a meal preparation center in the kitchen or finishing out your basement. We also make repairs, such as replacing two by fours and drywall that has been damaged by termites or flood. Visit our Interior Home Remodeling page to learn more about our services.


Exterior Home Remodeling Services


Vermont Remodeling handles all manner of exterior repairs, too. We also have specialties in this area which include roofs – both replacement and repair, siding repair and replacement, installation and repairs to gutters and trim, porch and deck construction and repair, window and door replacement, exterior painting and water proofing. We can help you improve the curb appeal of your home. Visit our Exterior Home Remodeling page to learn more about our services.


Detail Work


It is the little details that make a house a home. We can help you by adding backsplashes, baseboards, crown molding or wainscoting to your walls and ceilings. Vermont Remodeling also installs flooring, tiling, cabinets and countertops. Most people think of cabinets and countertops in relationship to kitchens, but they also add to a playroom or workroom. Spruce up your garage with new cabinets and a hefty countertop for the workbench. Detail work also refers to items that comprise the walls like the insulation, sheetrock and painting. Visit our Detail Work page to learn more about our services.


Foundation Repair


The foundation of your home and its concrete masonry work comprise the basis on which your home stands. Perhaps no other area of your home is as important as your foundation. Damage to it, even small cracks, can cause problems inside with drywall and flooring. It’s vital to address foundation problems before they grow to the point that you must resort to home lifting. You also need to protect the area around your home with properly packed backfill. Visit our Foundation Repair page to learn more about this home remodeling service.


Home Utilities


You may not associate utilities repair with a remodeler, but Vermont Remodeling does offer electrical, HVAC and plumbing services. When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, for example, it can be very helpful to be able to hire a single company for all the work. We’d like to be that company. We have experienced personnel and provide our staff’s pertinent certifications on this site. Using a single firm for all the work speeds the process. Visit our Home Utilities page to learn more about our services.


Home Landscaping


In addition to your home’s exteriors, Vermont Remodeling can landscape the area surrounding your home. We provide insight into choices in exterior decoration, including landscapes, hardscapes and xeriscapes. We can offer some great suggestions for drought hearty plants that fit the picturesque Vermont landscape. You choose the plants and we’ll help you obtain them, then we’ll plant them. A lawn and garden area really isn’t complete without visible dividers like small rocks or boulders to delineate the beds. Visit our Home Landscaping page to learn more about this home remodeling service.


Making a House a Home


Let’s face it, a lot goes into making a house a home. Your home should reflect your personality. It should serve your needs and suit your lifestyle. Vermont Remodeling can help with that. We can also help extend the personality of your home into your yard with decks, patios, pergolas and even outdoor kitchens. You can be the grilling royalty in your neighborhood with an outdoor grill and range, plus an adjacent dining area. It’s all within your reach. Just call Vermont Remodeling at 802-503-0000 or complete the contact form on our estimate page for home remodeling services. You can also read our Home Remodeling Cost Estimate page to learn more about what goes into our estimates.