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Vermont Remodeling offers many services that you may not associate with a remodeler. We handle electrical, HVAC and plumbing. On this page, you’ll find descriptions of our services and information on the certifications of our staff. Many times, when you want to remodel, you have to hire a general contractor, then separate electricians, plumbers and HVAC staff. This is not the case with Vermont Remodeling. We can handle all of your home utility needs, as well as interior and exterior remodeling.

Vermont home utilities



One of the many advantages of hiring Vermont Remodeling is our full service home utilities staff, including electricians. Our electricians can handle any construction or renovation, large or small. Whether you need to install a handful of new outlets or install electrical for a new addition we can help. Call us if the circuit box trips continuously or you’d like to add a back up generator to your Vermont home.


Heating and Cooling (HVAC)


Call Vermont Remodeling for annual maintenance for your furnace or to have a new one installed. Also call us when the air conditioning or heat goes out. Vermont Remodeling can extend your HVAC system to your new addition. We’ll send a certified HVAC contractor to address the problem. Once diagnosed, we simply solve the problem.




Vermont Remodeling addresses a number of plumbing problems. We repair drain clogs, leaking pipes, broken water-heaters, backed-up floor drains and sump pumps. We can help you plumb a new bathroom or kitchen. And if we aren’t available to provide emergency services, we can put you in contact with a trusted Vermont plumber who will get the job done right.


Benefits of Our Company


Our licensed, insured Vermont contractors help you save time and money. We’ll present on request all documentation. We display needed licenses in our offices.


Unlike many service providers, we provide a free consultation. Rather than charge you to figure out what the problem is or to assess a project, our free estimates provide you with a firm foundation of the cost and scope of the Vermont home utilities work.


Breadth of Home Utility Services


Our professionals can conduct many utilities tasks including installing gas lines and flues, gas and electric water heater repair and installation and new plumbing installations.


Vermont Remodeling offers maintenance plans so you can keep your HVAC working throughout the year. Signing up for a plan gets you a discount on the work. It also lets you budget for the work at the beginning of the year and stick to your budget. Talk to us about our multiple site plans. We can also service your office and Vermont vacation home, plus you’ll get a discount on multiple sites.


Our agreements are transferable, so if you sell your home, you can bundle the maintenance agreement with it. This adds to the resale value of your home and makes it easier for the new owners to settle in to the neighborhood.


Vermont Remodeling: Your Home Utilities Contractors


Whether you need emergency repair to your HVAC system, a leaky faucet fixed or a series of new outlets in your Vermont home office, we can help. Contact Vermont Remodeling today to get started on remodeling your home’s utilities.


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