Vermont Exterior Remodeling

Vermont Remodeling offers a vast array of services to improve your home’s exterior. We can help you replace your roof, siding, trim or add a deck or porch to your home. You can remodel your home by adding more light to your space through new doors and windows. Enhance the beauty of your home with a fresh coat of exterior paint or make it more impervious to damage via water proofing. The majority of our exteriors remodeling work comes from seven major types of projects. These include:


  •  Roofs, including replacement and repair,Vermont Exterior Remodeling


  •  Siding, including repair and replacement,


  •  Gutters and Trim,


  •  Porch & Deck Construction and Repair,


  •  Window and Door Replacement,


  •  Exterior Painting,


  •  Water Proofing.


Vermont Roof Replacement and Repair


Your roof protects your entire Vermont home. It keeps its structural elements like the walls, frame and foundation safe from damage. If a storm damages your roof, get it repaired immediately. Even if you only see a few shingles missing from the outside, call us. Damage can build up quickly over time so cumulative damage from a series of hail storms or rains with winds can mean damage to the interior of your home if you do not address it quickly. If it has already reached the point of interior leaks, call us immediately and tell us about the leaks first. Our Vermont exterior remodeling contractors can help you assess the situation and put together a plan of action.


Siding Repair and Replacement


You might just want new siding for a new look. Painting siding voids your warranty. You need a different color siding to continue to protect your home’s covering with a warranty. Maybe you just want to switch from wood siding to vinyl or aluminum. Our seasoned Vermont exterior home remodel team can help you find the perfect fit.


On the other hand, debris, hail, rain or wind may have damaged your siding. Siding damage leaves the structure of your home vulnerable to the elements and rodents. We can help you replace missing pieces of siding.


Gutters and Trim Work


The home’s gutters protect it from rain, snow and sleet. They provide a drainage method for precipitation that diverts the water flows from the home’s foundation and backfill. The gutters direct water away to prevent erosion and foundation damage. They also protects your landscaping and your siding. If the gutters on the home have begun pulling away or portions are missing, we can help by providing you with a quality exterior remodeling solution.


The trim on your Vermont home protect its edges and encloses your siding. Think of it as the seams of your house. If your home is losing a seam, the whole thing can come unraveled with damage. Don’t wait. Contact us for a free consultation and cost estimate.


Porch & Deck Construction and Repair


Improve the look and usefulness of your home by adding a porch or deck. Wrap a deck around your pool or create an outdoor kitchen to host summer barbeques. Enjoy spring evenings on a screened-in porch that keeps the mosquitoes off of you and your family. We can construct it for you.


Window and Door Replacement


Windows bring the outdoors inside, providing sunlight that reduces your electrical needs. Windows allow for unobstructed views of the beautiful Vermont countryside so you can decorate with views of nature. A cracked or broken window lets in drafts and lets out cooling or heat from your HVAC. This has the real consequence of wreaking havoc on your electric costs.


The same is true of cracks or breaks to glass in doors. Doors that were hung improperly allow drafts that lose cooling and heat. We help you replace them and lower your electric costs in the process.


Vermont Exterior Painting


Your home may simply need a new coat of paint. If the exterior of your home is wood siding or clapboard, you can have us paint it. Chipped paint can allow the elements to damage the wood on the home. Paint is the protection your home’s exterior has. It and its sealant help keep the wood from rotting. Our exterior remodeling team can present options to not only protect your Vermont home, but to also make it shine.


Water Proofing


Water proofing your home’s exterior protects it and your interior. It blocks water from seeping in through the foundation or backfill. It also improves seals on your basement windows. Don’t wait until there is a pool of water in your home. Have our exterior remodel team come in, evaluate the potential issue, and present you with a plan to protect your home.


Your Vermont Exterior Remodeling Contractors


There are a plethora of ways to make the exterior of your home healthier and improve your curb appeal. Whether you want to paint the house, replace the siding or add a deck, we can help. Contact Vermont Remodeling today to get started on remodeling your home’s exterior. Our exterior remodel team can help bring your dream to reality.


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