Vermont Home Foundation Repair

At Vermont Remodeling, we do more than design the interior and exterior of your home. We can also help you with its foundation and concrete masonry work. Sometimes, you just want to put in a winding garden path or quickly address the tiny cracks in your home’s foundation before they cause major damage. Regardless, our home foundation repair and masonry contractors can help.

Home Foundation Repair | Masonry Work

What Causes Foundation Damage?


Foundation damage can occur quickly from any event that shifts the earth. That means it could happen due to an earthquake or a flood that washes away the backfill. Tiny cracks can signal the beginnings of major damage. The small cracks can grow larger to include such massive damage as to require home lifting, foundation reinforcement and backfill. Don’t allow these problems to become major catastrophes. Get a foundation repair assessment today by our Vermont contractors.


Whatever your need, simply call us for help with the masonry work. We do it all:


  •  cinder block stem walls with poured footings,
  •  brick work,
  •  brick veneers,
  •  parging for masonry walls.


What is Masonry Work?


The phrase masonry work refers to a broad set of structure types erected by binding materials together with mortar, an adhesive paste comprised of cement, sand and water. Common materials used include adobe, brick, granite, cast stone, concrete block, glass block, limestone, marble and stone.


What is Vaneer Masonry?


Vermont Remodeling can help with veneer masonry, solid masonry, brickwork and serpentine masonry. Veneer in this sense refers to a construction of masonry or bricks around a structure. You have seen veneering if any of the homes in your neighborhood have had their existing structure encased in bricks to make it look like a brick home. It’s purely aesthetic and not waterproof. The structure under the veneer must be waterproof.


What is Solid Masonry?


Solid masonry refers to standalone walls or structures. Brick and stone construction provides an economical option, but earthquakes can damage or destroy them, leading to needing foundation repair.


Brickwork refers to two or more layers of bricks forming a horizontal pattern. It provides an aesthetic and long-lasting choice for walls or buildings.


What is Serpentine Masonry?


Serpentine masonry refers to masonry projects that do not form a straight line, but use a winding path method. This makes it more sturdy.


What Are the Benefits to Masonry Options?


Another benefit of these brick and masonry options is that they are environmentally sound. The materials for the construction contain only natural materials. When damaged, the masonry can be ground down in dust and reused or returned to the earth.


Foundation Repair: Using Masonry to Fix Your Foundation


You may not have considered the construction trades of bricklaying and masonry work a part of remodeling. At Vermont Remodeling we do. We focus on every area of your home because your home is much more than the new kitchen appliances or wallpaper. To make a house a home takes curb appeal, comfort inside and a relaxing outside. We help you craft the Vermont home you desire through many methods, including brick and masonry.


Your Vermont Home Foundation Repair Contractors


There are a plethora of ways to make the exterior of your home healthier and improve your curb appeal. Whether you want to add a retaining wall, install a brick patio or enclose your Vermont home in brick veneer, we can help. Contact Vermont Remodeling today to get started on remodeling your home’s exterior.


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