Vermont Interior Remodeling

Vermont Remodeling offers a vast array of services to improve your home’s interior. We can help you remodel a single room or your entire home. You do not need to move to a new home to have more space. You can add rooms to your home by converting your attic or finishing out your basement. The majority of our Vermont home remodeling work comes from five major types of projects. These include:


  •  Kitchen Renovations and Remodels,Vermont Interior Remodeling
  •  Bathroom Renovations and Remodels,
  •  Attic Conversions,
  •  Finished Basements,
  •  Additions.


Interior Remodeling: Kitchen Renovations and Remodels


When people want to increase their Vermont home’s value, they turn to kitchen remodels. Remodeling or renovating the kitchen of your home pays you back at resale time. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a renovated kitchen pays back 69 percent of its cost when you sell the home. That means if you spend $10,000 redoing your kitchen, you’ll add $6,900 to your home’s sale price. It provides one of the highest returns on investment of any of the ten major home renovations.

Depending on the age and state of your kitchen, you may only need to install new cabinet doors, knobs and drawer pulls, or your kitchen could require all new appliances. This type of detail work can go a long way. Perhaps you purchased a Vermont home with a kitchen that does not suit your family’s needs. We can knock out a wall, build a corner hutch, or build a mini-kitchen within the kitchen so the kids can microwave a snack without getting in the way of full-scale dinner preparations or baking for special occasion. Renovating the kitchen provides you a better living and dining space now, while adding to the home’s long-term value, too. Contact our Vermont interior remodeling team for a free estimate.


Bathroom Renovations and Remodels


This consists of a broad category that includes remodeling an existing bathroom and putting in a new one. You can remodel an existing bathroom for only a few thousand, but adding a new bathroom costs around $20,000. Turning that spare walk-in closet into a new loo costs so much due to the demolition and plumbing installation required. It won’t hurt as much to pay for it if the new bathroom location backs up to a wet wall. The wet wall is the wall in which your plumbing pipes run. While it can cost a lot to remodel one or install a new bathroom, the return on investment (ROI) of 57.2 percent at your home’s resale helps mitigate the cost. This makes it a smart interior remodeling decision.


Interior Remodeling: Attic Conversions


Sometimes when you’d like additional room to move or need to add a bedroom, you need only look up. You need not lose part of a small yard. Simply convert your attic from storage space to living space. It is easier to do than you think.


We can help you add the electrical, run the plumbing up to put in an upstairs bathroom, and expand the space. Every locale’s code differs. You’ll need the ceiling heights to reach the local Vermont code minimums. You can add light and ventilation with dormers and other window options. Depending on the design you want and the number of rooms, this interior remodeling renovation will cost you between $25,000 to $50,000. It adds to the value of your Vermont home by providing a living space, office or bedroom and bathroom. Making a bathroom part of the conversion nets you a nearly 60 percent ROI alone.


Finished Basements


Finishing out the basement in your Vermont home also expands your living space. It can become a laundry room plus playroom or an additional den. You can also convert it to bedrooms with a bathroom. The cost of finishing out a basement varies widely depending on the basement’s size, labor costs, building materials used and the extent of the upgrades. In general, it ranges from $10,000 to $80,000. Expect to pay about $27 per square foot. A home of 1,000 square feet costs much less to finish the basement than a home of 3,000 square feet. You cannot go wrong by adding a bedroom and bathroom, although your existing wet wall on the above floor decides where it is best to place it. You’ll increase the home’s value by 65 to 110 percent by finishing the basement. At Vermont Remodeling, our team of interior remodeling craftsmen can help bring your vision to reality.




Perhaps you have already expanded up and down. You still need more space. If your yard is large enough, you can add to the home by expanding out. This means having us construct an addition. Again, Vermont local zoning ordinances rule what you can do.

In 2019, the average home addition costs about $38,000. The range varies vastly though, starting at $3,000 to add one room to $42,000 for a full-fledged guest house. Our interior remodeling team stands ready to help you with your home addition needs.


Your Vermont Interior Remodeling Choice


Whether you want to re-do your kitchen, fix up the bathroom, add a bedroom or build a new wing to your home, we can help. Contact Vermont Remodeling today to get started on remodeling your home’s interior.


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