Vermont Remodeling Home Building Materials

Any business you visit will have products it recommends. Vermont Remodeling is no different. We have a small selection of respected home building materials manufacturers with whom we do business. While there’s no requirement that you use them, we encourage it.

Home Building Materials Vermont


As construction professionals, we experience firsthand which home building materials function well and which function poorly. If you allow us, our guidance can benefit your project by steering you to the highest quality materials for your project. Let us know at the outset if you want to utilize green building supplies for your construction project. It may take some time to identify appropriate environmentally friendly, reclaimed or recycled materials that meet local code requirements.


How We Choose Our Home Building Materials Vendors


We prefer to use the vendors with whom we typically work since we have had repeated positive experiences working with and using their home building materials. Vermont Remodeling uses an established selection process that includes input from architects and designers with whom we’ve worked, homeowners, sub-contractors and our established suppliers. Each person has their perspective on which materials work best. In crafting our home building materials lists, each person contributes in the following ways:


  • Architects and designers recommend the materials that suit the functionality and building design.


  • The homeowner suggests or requests materials that suit their taste. We work with them to find what they like within their budget that also meets or exceeds security and safety regulations and standards.


  • Sub-contractors work with the materials on site. They know firsthand what works well and what does not.


  • We consult with suppliers to determine what new materials they recommend. They consult with us on the basis of availability, quality, pricing and warehousing costs, plus how soon it can be delivered.


We combine all of that information to generate a list of recommended home building materials to the client. While you, the client, make the final choices out of home building materials that meet appropriate safety standards, we use the input of all parties to determine the suggestions we provide.


Your Home Building Materials or Ours?


Sometimes, clients want to purchase their own materials for us to use. Of course, we will do that. It is your home and we want you to be thrilled with the results. In this scenario, you independently purchase the materials and transport them to the work site.


Alternately, we can purchase the home building materials using the retainer you provide. This allows us to provide any discount we have negotiated with our vendors to you. We’ll purchase the materials you chose during our client meetings to complete your work. We drive them to the work site and use them in your project. Essentially, the benefits here for you are the discount we get for our professional status from certain vendors and our transportation of the materials. You probably do not have a large truck or trailer in which to haul lengthy electrical or plumbing piping or enough two by fours to construct an addition to a house.


 Our Home Building Materials Recommendations


When it comes to roofing materials, we really like CertainTeed and Owens Corning shingles. We find both companies shingles to work great for homes in areas prone to hail storms. As a side note, some insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who have Class 4 shingles installed. Underneath, we recommend Atlas WeatherMaster Ice & Water Underlayment, Grace Ice and Water Shield, and Triflex to provide an extra measure of protection.


Several siding manufacturers also earn our recommendation including Alside, Georgia Pacific, Mastic, and Royal Building Products. Alside produces the thickest insulated siding available. Georgia Pacific offers horizontal siding in 24 colors and vertical, insulated or faux cedar shake siding in 15 colors. Royal Building Products offers horizontal and vertical profiles, plus faux cedar shakes and shingles in a range of 20 colors.


We’ve had the best experience with Andersen windows, but also like working with JELD-WEN, Marvin, and Paradigm products. These manufacturers also produce high-quality doors. You’ll have fiberglass, steel and wood entry doors from which to choose, as well as, garage, patio and storm doors.


Before we go on about how wonderful we think Kohler faucets are, let us wrap up with a suggestion that you call us at 802-503-0000 or fill out our home remodeling estimate form to discuss home building materials. You can tell us your favorites and we’ll talk about your project and what would best benefit it. We can tell you why we recommend certain products and our experiences with others. Learn about all of the home remodeling services that Vermont Remodeling has to offer.